Wednesday, 28 December 2011

UK Limited Company - Why As A Freelancer or Contractor You Might Want To Set One Up

Although it’s perfectly possible to freelance as a sole trader or partnership, a large proportion of
freelancers prefer to “incorporate? – in other words, to set up a limited company.

One of the main reasons for this is that some clients are wary of working with unincorporated businesses because it puts them at risk under the employment status rules. However, it’s not the
only reason.

Having a limited company lends certain credibility. It is a separate legal entity, which

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Thinking of Becoming a Freelancer or Contractor in the UK

Freelance or Freelancer Self Employment Trading options The terms freelancer or contractor are generic terms given to describe the various official UK government titles that specifically describe the trading and tax structure that you may choose. The options include:-Trading structure - Legal category - Your tax statusLimited company - Incorporated -  Company director and/or employee of your companSole trader  - Unincorporated -  

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