Friday, 23 March 2012

Objective for a Resume - How To Develop A Killer Resume Objective

Objective for a Resume - Guest article by Dale Robinson who has the opportunity to review resumes on a regular basis. He has seen the good, the bad and the terrible. More bad and terrible than good.

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Resumes are required for most jobs. It is important to include a good objective for a resume. A few years ago only the top jobs and professional positions required a resume. Today, it is hard to get you foot in the door at all

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Video Resumes What Is A Video Resume And When Should You Use One

What Is A Video Resume?
Video resume? - There is no doubt about it video is going to become a force in career development whether it be video interviewing, with Skype bringing video interviewing into the reach of nearly everyone.

However the use of a video resume is a very new concept except maybe in the recruitment of performing / artistic / reality TV type role. As an example I have never been sent a video resume, though one candidate did include a link in his CV / resume to a short video

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Resume Objective Statement Examples - The Do's And Don'ts Of Successful Objectives Writing

Resume / CV Objective Statement Examples - Why Use An Objective Statement?
Objective Statement Examples - Done right a resume objective statement / CV objective statement is the most compelling way to start your CV / resume.


Because it marries what you want with what your reader wants.

Anyone who is hiring is facing a buying decision, and asking themselves the following questions as they read your CV / resume.

What does this person want?
How much?
What's in it for

Resume / CV Objective Statement Examples

Friday, 16 March 2012

Objective On CV - Does An Objective Statement Help Or Hinder?

Objective On CV Does an objective statement help sell you to the interviewer?


In most cases no!


But everything I hear or read about CV writing techniques tell's me that a an objective statement on a CV is the most powerful way to start your CV.


And done correctly it is, but most of the time it is not well, and can be either of no real value to your CV or even harmful.


The reason is simple, an objective on a CV is all about YOU.



Objective on CV